General Questions

I am evaluating the Radzen tool.

I am currently trying to figure out the follow issues.

  1. I have an existing database with username and passwords that I would need to use.
    a. During the login we use a before submit that does a query to encrypt the password using a stored procedure and then compared against a hash stored password.

  2. Content is controlled by the users id throughout the records they have access to.

  3. Creating a session

  1. You can check this sample for more info about custom security:

  2. You can filter the records using the logged user info, either by using simple $filter parameter or with your own custom method:

  3. Yes, you can create sessions - for example our Blazor demo data source is different for every session. The source code is here:

On Item 1. I have a database customer_profile that have a userename and password fields and the password is encrypted with a 512 hash. I would like to uses this table. In the example does not show how to change the table. In the security tab it does now allow for the creation of a new provider to allow for the selection of the fields.

No, you cannot select the fields using Radzen UI - only with code.

I checked the customer security and it did not specify where the database could be defined nor the fields names for verification.


Those are set in the code. Radzen uses ASP.NET Code Identity and plays by its rules.

The custom security is implemented in check the defined methods - they use an EF Core context over the existing database. It has Roles and Users tables.