Frozen Column showing values of other columns as you move the horizontal bar

Hi Team,
In my RadzenDataGrid, I have a SelectionMode="Radzen.DataGridSelectionMode.Single" @bind-Value="@selectedAssociateFacility". Then I have some columns with FROZEN property enabled.
I noticed that when I move the horizontal bar to the right, I can see the values of the other columns in the frozen columns as shown in the screen shot below.

Appreciate any ideas to fix this.
Thank you.



Hi @jcostin,

We are not aware of such a problem and can't reproduce it in our online demo. Here is what I see there in latest Google Chrome.

This could only happen if the frozen cell has its CSS background removed for some reason:

.rz-grid-table-fixed .rz-frozen-cell {
    background: var(--rz-grid-frozen-cell-background-color);

I think it is only happening if you have a selection mode entry:
SelectionMode="DataGridSelectionMode.Single" @bind-Value=@selectedAssociate
is the background color when you select a row transparent?

I will check a work around.

Hi! I had the same problem with the selection overwriting the frozen column style.
The quick workaround which I found was just adding this to your page:

.rz-grid-table-fixed .rz-frozen-cell { background: var(--rz-grid-frozen-cell-background-color) !important; }

(Notice the !important)

This doesn't completely fix it, but is definitely better, as you can see here:

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Actually this resolves my issue. At least when I move the columns to the left it does not go to the frozen fields. Thanks again.