Freeze Datagrid Header

Is there a way to freeze the header row in the DataGrid?

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It is frozen by default. You can see it here. Make sure you have included the JS and CSS required by Radzen.Blazor and that there are no JS errors. Also make sure the height of the DataGrid has been set via the style attribute

<RadzenGrid style="height: 500px">
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Ah, the fixed height. It would be great to have it fill the entire page. Anyway, I think I can live with it. Thanks!

You can fit the height to your screen as follows:
calc(100vh - 160px)

Remember to keep the spaces around the minus sign.


Perfect! That worked well. Thanks a ton!

I found an issue with this, when scrolling with frozen cells, they go over the header. I tried changing Z-index but it doesnt help

Hey @lgamez,

Frozen columns works normally on our demo: