Freelancer - Chat Component and other advanced help

I'm not a .Net Developer and I haven't written much software in years (but I'm great with MSSQL!) - I used to do VB and I've stumbled my way through a couple small C#/.Net apps so it's not totally foreign.

I'm developing a intranet app to replace a convoluted MSAccess application and additional functionality for us to post some reports and a few other interactive things. I've had success with some Proof of Concept pieces so far but would like to engage with a freelancer to can help with an initial important piece and also hopefully be able to help as needed going forward on an hourly basis.

Initial project that I'm sure is over my head is implementing a chat/messaging function - I've seen some examples of using SignalR to do a great chat app. I'd like person-to-person messaging plus about 43 "rooms" that people may have access to and work pretty similar to FB Messenger or Slack.

If you think you can help with either or both (messaging and ongoing support) please let me know.

Hi Todd,
I have in the past built some very complex applications using Razden.
Happy to help you out as what you have described and are wanting done is well within my area of expertise.
Feel free to reach out to me
Cheers and Have a great day ahead,


We're a small consulting firm that could help you out with that project. This forum doesn't seem to support private messaging that I can see, so please email me at if you'd like to tell us more about what your goals are.



I am in exactly the same situaton as you although perhaps not so good with MSSQL (reasonably shall we say). I am developing a similar type of application which has its roots way back in MS Access then

It might be useful to compare notes as i am going up this learning curve. The Radzen team are very helpful and i see the offers you have had show we ar enot totally alone but the lack of usergroup support ala Stack overflow etc is a shame as i would have hoped people would chip in much more to help.

Anyhow if i can be of help them please drop me a line

an good luck


I am afraid the Radzen community in StackOverflow does not exist. I know that both @enchev and I don't hang out there - we only monitor this forum and try to answer as many questions as possible.


This comment was not meant a s a criticism of you and Vladimir, i think you do a great job.

I only meant that more Radzen users should contribute to help each other on this forum.


@johnmu, no worries, we didn't take any offence from it. We would be more than happy if more users contributed!

I'd love to see more interactive community support as well. Sometimes I feel my dumb questions could be answered by bouncing ideas back and forth... I wonder if we could garner enough support for a Slack or Discord channel or anything like that? Since Radzen is in a different timezone than the US we could try to help ourselves during the day, then if no luck, post a good question here before the end of the day that these gentlemen would see while we're off work.

Todd @ToddB, I am currently using Radzen to create a commercial Blazor web application. Please PM me if you are interested in discussing any projects.
My Linkedin profile is , if you need to check my experience.