Formatting data in "RadzenNumeric" control


I apologize for the NewBee question.

So I'm working on a BLAZOR Web application in Visual Studio 2019.

I have a "RadzenNumeric" control on a form bound to an object-property of type decimal (C#).

It works and displays my data but it formats the data as 999.9999.

I want to format the bound data as "999.99" - two decimal places instead of four.

I played around with the syntax on "@bind-Value" without luck.

I looked through your online documentation (

I didn't find what I am looking for. Maybe I just missed it...

Any suggestions ? An example would be great.

The control markup is below :

<RadzenNumeric TItem="decimal?" @bind-Value="@ApplicationState.CurrentCampaign.CurrentPromotion.PriceBook.StandardCostAmount" Style="width:5em;" Change="(decimal x) => ValidateChangedField(x)" />
<ValidationMessage For=@(() => ApplicationState.CurrentCampaign.CurrentPromotion.PriceBook.StandardCostAmount) />


Hi @rusty.watrous,

Currently the RadzenNumeric doesn't support the requested feature. We will probably add support for it in one of the next releases.

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I would second this one. I just started this and it is a bit of a disappointment that I can format my values in the grid but I can't do much with them in the edit or create forms for consistency.

Here is hoping it can be added soon so I can continue evaluating this tool as a solution.

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It's now June 10 2020. Has this been implemented yet?

No, this feature hasn't been implemented.

I've solved this by changing the control to a text box and formatting the bound value as follows:


took me ages to find that i needed to have both the Value and then ToString for this to work

this gives 1,234.0000 in the text box

hope this helps

It's now January 2021, still not implemented?

Hi @Mihai_Bica,

This feature is not currently in our roadmap and we do not have any exact date when it will be implemented.

@enchev Here's a thought. Can you just change the default to 2 decimal places instead? There is very little use for 4 decimal places whereas currency is a major driver in most applications. It would give the users a much better experience

Formatting is already available:

Check our demo:

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Beautiful, this helps a lot!