Form Numeric Max validation not working

I have a form (NOT TemplateForm) that has a numeric field (Bid) where I have a Max restriction set to another value from the database, ${AuctionData.NextFOBBid}

No matter what the value I set for Bid it does not error out even when the value of NextFOBBid is say 39.

If I set that value statically it does validate correctly.

What is ${AuctionData.NextFOBBid}? How is the form configured?

AuctionData is the result of a getInvokeByID. The NextFOBBid field is a decimal(18,2) field from the database.


Hi @joshwilliam,

Thank you for the clarification. We reproduced the problem - the max validator didn't update. The fix will be available with the next Radzen release.

I have a somewhat strange issue with this. I have a templateForm that has 2 fields that are numeric. The first is Input, then I have a changed event that runs a formula and sets the value of the other numeric field which is read only. It all works except for the validation. I have the max value set at the field and on a numeric range validator. When I initially open the form and fill it out I can enter any number I want and it will save, even if it violates my max value. If I click on and then step off the read only field it seems to apply the check from then on and works like it is supposed to. I am currently using the AutoFocus checkbox to do that for me. Is it supposed to act this way or is it because it isn't checking validation because I am not manually entering the data and instead doing it via code?



Hi Josh,

In general I am not sure how Angular validation works with readonly fields as the latter don't raise all events. Doe it work correctly if the field is not readonly?

No it still doesn't work when the field is not read only.

Can you send us the page that has the described issue as well as instructions how to reproduce it?

I've sent an email detailing it.


Unfortunately we couldn't download the files as the Google Drive link returned 404.