Form field not updated

Hi, trying to update a form text area using execute code.
Code is updating bound text area fields.
I can not get it to work for a text area field that's bound and part of a form object...

This works ....
This does not...;

The data object updates fine, however the change is not relfected in the text area thats part of the form on screen.

Indeed this isn't supposed to work. You need to set the property which the TextArea's Value is set to. How does the form declaration look like? You can attach a screenshot from Radzen.

First Thank you for the help.
This is what I just tried...

It set the field as far as I can see in the debugger in chrome.
However change does not reflect in the text area view.

Also tried convert to comma separated string...

You can try using the Angular patchValue method (check this thread: Are these achievable?). Try Execute Code action with this code:

this.form0.form.patchValue({Patient_SupAil_Text: AilMentsArray.join()})

A TextArea field requires a string so you definitely should convert the array you have to a string somehow (e.g. by using join()).

Thank you so much, the patchValue works.