Forgot password does nothing

I am very much a newbie to the Radzen scene. I created a sample application that has security. I got the application to generate the login/user management pages. Within the login widget, I have enabled reset password. I added the event for ResetPassword like this:

I believe I have my smtp settings correct on the security settings. Nonetheless, when I click on the link, it appears to query the table for the email address to send the email to, but there is nothing in the output appearing to an attempt to send an email. My output is below. Any help is appreciated.

  • Chuck

Usually this code is executed:

Try to debug your app to see if the method is called or not.

Thank you for the quick reply. The method is called. In VS Code, I see the following after the line "var username = data.GetValue)..." is run.

I'm having the same problem - the reset password does nothing. I looked in the AuthController, and that method doesn't exist. Shouldn't this be auto-generated?

The code is generated only if you’ve enabled security with email confirmation.

Thank you. I'll get that from my IT department and set it up.