Force Routing in PanelMenuItem

Hi everyone,

i use something like

<RadzenPanelMenuItem Text="Create" Path="/create" Icon="create" />

Is it possible to perform a "force"-routing?
Something like navigationManager.NavigateTo("/create", true)

Thanks for your help

Hi @JoeGER94,

While this isn't currently possible you can try using the Click event of the RadzenPanelMenu and execute that code there.

Hi @korchev,

appreciate your advice. I already tried that, but the Click-Event on RadzenPanelMenuItem doesnt raised.
Short example:
<RadzenPanelMenuItem @onclick="((args) => DoNavigation(args))" Text="PanelItem" Icon="create">
@code{ private void DoNavigation(object args) { //DoSomeNavigationHere } }

Do you have any other idea for that?
Thanks for your help!

The RadzenPanelMenu component has its own Click event.

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But if i got more than one PanelMenuItem, how do i distinguish the clicks?
Each PanelMenuItem should have his own routing...

Ah okay got it - Thank you @korchev

A short example for everyone who is same stupid as me, the Solution is:

<RazdenPanelMenu Click="((args)=>DoNavigation(args))">
    <RadzenPanelMenuItem Text="Home" Path="/home" />
    <RadzenPanelMenuItem Text="Create" Path="/create" />


    private void DoNavigation(MenuItemEventArgs args)
        navigationManager.NavigateTo(args.Path, true);
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Thanks for the example! Worked perfectly for me...