Font Awesome

Hello all,
can someone gve me an explanation how to use font awesome in radzen blazor?

Kind regards

Hi @Thomas,

Can you post more info about this? How it’s related to Radzen.Blazor?

Hi @enchev,
i would like to use font awesome icons. so far as is see there are only material icons in radzen blazor?!
If i want to use font awesome icons... how can i achieve that?


Where do you want to use these icons? Do you want to replace Radzen components icons? Our components are using material icons and to overwrite them to use Font Awesome you need to rewrite the entire theme CSS.

Uh! Ok.
Then we will use images. Material font is out of question. Few people here dont like it :slight_smile:

Thank you for clarification


I may be late to the party but here's one way to use Font Awesome icons with the Icon attribute on Radzen components:

<RadzenButton Icon="@("<i class=\"fa-solid fa-x-ray\"></i>")" ButtonStyle="ButtonStyle.Primary" />

Whatever goes into the icon attribute goes into i tag and gets rendered.

Hope it helps.