Flowing live line chart from left to right


I have a live data line chart where I am adding each second a new element to the chart series. But the behaviour in the chart is that the line is compressed with each new element. The current behaviour of my chart is like one of your chart gifs that you have shred in this forum. (see attachement).

What I want is:

I want to define the points in the category axis fixed as for example 50. Until the amount of series elements reach 50, the chart shall grow from left to right , when amount of series elements >50 the line shall moove ( flow) from right to left with each new element. How Is that possible?

This is the current behavour of my chart:

Hi @mdarende

Could you not sort your data by time (descending) and pick the Top 50 and then re-sort time (ascending) as your data source?


The requested behavior is not supported by RadzenChart.