Flickering on first loading


I have created a Radzen Server-Side Blazor app which uses Office 365 /Azure AD to authenticate the user. Everything works fine.

When I first (e.g. in a private tab) navigate the app's URL, I see the root layout with the header, footer and the menu panel appear for a second and then the content disappears again and the Office 365 login page is shown. Now, once I logged in, I'm returned to my app and the entire app is shown (both root layout as well as the start page).

This is fine so far. However, once logged in, the session cookie of the authentication is stored and when I navigate the app's URL again, the root layout without (!) the page appears again and after about a second, the entire app is reloaded now showing the start page and I'm logged in.

My issue is that this initial flickering (unauthenticated > office login (not shown due to cookie but certainly getting a refresh token) > final app UI) is a bit awkward. Is there any way to force Radzen to authenticate first before showing anything (the root layout).

Also, for an unauthorized user, it looks a bit "insecure", if the app's UI appears for a second and the the login screen is shown.

Thanks for your help!

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This comes from Blazor itself and the App.razor component. We are not aware of any way to prevent that.

Could this be worked aroud by providing some sort of "splah screen" that appears instead of the main layout? The splash screen could redirect either to the login screen or the actual main app layout with the start page?

Maybe something you could consider (as an optional setting for a Radzen app)?

The splash screen could also be used to do some boot strapping so that the actual app UI is ready faster once it appears.



We will investigate if this is possible while implementing Azure AD support for Radzen Blazor Studio. Can't promise any results as we have done it before without success. Blazor seems to start rendering the main layout before checking if the user is authorized.

Thanks! Yes, this souds as if a splash screen could do since this would be first UI that is delivered by Blazor (instead of the MainLayout). Once authenticated, it can redirect to the actual Main Layout.

Thanks so far!