Find and Replace

As I continue to use Radzen Blazor Studio, I am constantly amazed at what I can do in it and how quickly I can put together an application. I do have one suggestion though, something I think would really be helpful. Would it be possible to have a Find in files and Replace in files feature, similar to Visual Studio code? It's just that when there is a lot of code I am running through and I get an error on a specific index or word and it doesn't give me a line number, it can be a lot of hunting. I don't even know on what level that would be or if it's just not in the cards, but it would be very helpful to not have to jump in the VSC just to search for a word.

Thank you for all you guys do!

Hi @daveg1466,

There is already Find and replace in an open file. Just press CTRL+F (or CMD+F on a mac).

We will log find and replace in all files as a feature request.

Yup, I use it! Thank you for considering this request!