FilterTemplate for RadzenGrid with 'All' option

How to configure FilterTemplate for RadzenGrid with the option 'All ...' in enumerators?

The easiest way will be to modify the enum and Where() used in our demo:

    public enum TitleOfCourtesy
        All = -1
<RadzenGrid Data="@(employees.Where(e => currentTOC >= 0 ? e.TitleOfCourtesy == currentTOC : true))" ...

Okay. I understand.I will then need, locally, to create a custom enumerator, different from the one used in the database, where there is no option 'All ...').Thank you.

Well, you can use different approach if it's not suitable for your case - for example with nullable enum (enumerator is something different).

Yes.. enum

I leave, however, suggestion to include a marker in the template that implements this option in an automated way.I hope the translation from Portuguese to English has been intelligible


SomeEnum? myEnum;

whith <RadzenDropDown AllowClear="true" ... />

That worked for me.