Filtered grid row total amount (footer)

When we filter a grid, it doesn't show the filtered amount in the footer (e.g. sum of the remaining five elements when filtering for 'Chevalier') but always to total unfiltered amount, so this component cannot be used in real-world scenarios in most cases.


Any idea how to achive that?


You can use View similar to first column to sum only filtered data only.

Please provide a code-snipped for the footer-template to achive this.

THANK YOU, Vladimir!

Hey @Foizman,

Check my previous reply. If you are looking for dedicated support the options are here:

@Foizman again check my previous reply. Check the source code of the first column footer where the View is used (filtered records) instead all data.

I'm talking about a one-line snippet of code and you want to sell a license. Well, that's what I call business-minded.

Thank you for the crucial point, was really easy :smile:

Be it as it may, thank you very much for the exceptionally good support from Radzen, not joking!

You do this in an exemplary manner, not to mention: Compared to Syncfusion & Co., your support is definitely benchmark and best practice!



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