FilterCaseSensivity does not exist in the namespace __Blazor.Radzen

We suddenly experience an error message in the designer view of Radzen IDE 2.84.4 in one of our datagrids:

We are currently running Radzen.Blazor 4.7.12 , but have tried older versions and newer upp till the latest stable but still same problem.
Any idea whats the problem?

Hi @tommysurfarn,

You have probably changed the DataGrid configuration (some property) in a way which Radzen doesn't support. Radzen has known limitations when it comes to design time and this was one of the reasons we created our latest product Radzen Blazor Studio.

You can check the settings of that particular DataGrid and see where it uses FilterCaseSensitivity. The easiest way would be by inspecting the .json file of that page in the meta\pages directory.