Filter with open dialog

I created two pages and i'm using the function "Open dialog".
When I click on a row of the first pages I obtain the second page with all the records instead i'd like to obtain only one record which has the same code of the record in the first page.
How can i get this?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Rocchi,

I suggest you to check edit page from CRUD pages created with Radzen. You will get familiar on how to pass a parameter to a page, how to retrieve data according to parameter value, etc.

I can't obtain the wanted output.
I can't add the filter in order to obtain per example only the information about the selected shops when I click on that shop on the first page where I added in events - rowSelect the function "Open dialog".
Can you write me the steps please?

since I don't have a license and that some functions aren't enabled, this could be a problem for what I'm trying to do?
Thanks again!