Filter is case-sensitive

How can you make the filter case-insensitive without modifying the underlying model. I feel like the case-sensitive nature of the filter is counter-intuitive to how people use filters.

Hi Tim,

The DataGrid filtering depends on the collection provided as Data:

In general when bound to a database IQueryable case sensitivity depends on database collation. We will do our best to provide a property for the DataGrid to overwrite the data case sensitivity.

I've just published Radzen.Blazor 1.0.7 with FilterCaseSensitivity property for the DataGrid component. It can be Default or CaseInsensitive.

Our DataGrid demo also updated:


Awesome, thank you. Updated and implemented. Perfectly what I needed.

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I need case insensitive in Angular project with Postgres database. Could you add same property in Angular components? Or give me directions to resolve it in code?


you can add this property into your RadeznDataGrid