Filter event

First of all, can I just say how excellent your Blazor components are. I downloaded a few other data grids and none provide the flexibility that yours does :slight_smile:

One area that I am struggling with is that when I perform a filter, I would like to be able to tap into an event in the code behind to automatically do some processing. I can put a button on the Razor page that I can press to for example clear a filter by calling the grid.Reset() method from the code behind. However, I would really like that when a filter is applied on the component, I can set some properties in my code so would need to be able to tap into some event in the code behind?
Is this possible to do?


At the moment the only solution would be to use the LoadData event. However when one subscribes to it the DataGrid no longer performs the data operations (filter, sort, page) - the developer is responsible for handling them.

Thanks for the response. Is this a feature you might implement in a future update? I think having this ability to respond to the dataset when it has been filtered would be very useful

Couldn't you just create an event like OnFilterChanged? I don't think it's too difficult for you.
Thanks you.

Hi @kpolkovnikov,

This event already exists. Check the filter API demo.

Understood. Thank you.