Filter data

I have a table with a date field and I want to load the data based on whether the date field is null

but when I add a filter in Radzen I am forced by the UI to choose a date value rather than null. I have tried

var blahResult = await db.GetTable(new Query() { Filter = $@"i => i.Actioned > DateTime.Parse("1900-01-01T00:00:00.000Z")", OrderBy = $"Created asc" });

but this won't compile because there appears to be a problem with the "" around the date.

I have tried a raw query:

var blahResult= await db.GetTable(new Query() { Filter = $@"i => i.Actioned ==null", OrderBy = $"Created asc" });

but this throws an unhandled error when I load the page.

What am i missing?

You can both select date or write expression:


Many thanks, that works.