Filter data grid

Just can't seem to make this work. I have a Deal Data entry grid. I have 4 stores that enter data. Each store has a 4 digit store number. I want to filter the datagrid to only show entries for employees in their stores only. I have added the store number to the aspusernet security table and want the datagrid to be filtered by that number after login. Any assistance would be helpful!

A similar case is covered in our Complete Application tutorial. There we use a partial class and method to filter some entities:

partial void OnOpportunitiesRead(ref IQueryable<Opportunity> items)
    var userId = security.User.Id;

    // Filter the opportunities by the current user's id
    items = items.Where(item => item.UserId == userId);

I am trying to implement this on the grid level. I have four store id's that I need to filter the datagrid by. I can do this manually with the filtermode = simple, but I want to implement it on page load base on a user role. When I implement this using the above solution, I can't filter by different store id's.

I am afraid I can't provide further assistance without more details. If you have a Radzen subscription you can send us your project to and we will investigate.