Filter a grid on client

radzon looks very cool, is it easy to work with without the designer?

okay I whantto present a long list with around 500 customers. I don't need sorting but I need a big search field on top of the grid that can be used to filer the grid.

This is my first blazor project so I am a new bee but I have created app with angular latest and WPF

Hi @Martin-Andersen,

It is Radzen actually :wink:

It depends on your experience with Blazor. If this is your first Blazor project we recommend using the Radzen designer. Alternatively you can check the available DataGrid demos and their source code.

You can easily do so by filtering the property which provides data for the grid using Where.

 <RadzenTextBox @bind-Value="search" Change=@OnChange />
 <RadzenGrid Data="@customers">
@code {
   string search = "";

   void OnChange()
      customers = customers.Where(c => c.CustomerName.Contains(search));
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