FileUpload DataTypes

Hi there,

how do I configure the FileUpload component for .pdf Documents? And is it possible to use Byte Array for the databinding?

Kind regards

Hi Thomas,

Here is an example:

<RadzenUpload Url="upload/single" Accept="application/pdf" />

I'm afraid that data-binding is not supported.

Hi Enchev, thanks.

I assume I was at the wrong component… I used FileInput not FileUpload. This worked with Byte Array by the way but just for images. So I just have to implement a controller for this?

FileInput is for relatively small files that will be converted to base64 string and submitted to a database field. FileUpload is general purpose upload component. The default value of FileInput Accept is image/*, you can change that for your case.

I already tried that. I Always got an error: unable o read file as base64 string. I assume because of the size? But if it´s better to use the upload instead, I will do so. Thanks for the very quick support.