FileInput Upload Pdf Using Blazor Server Side

I'm trying to upload a pdf to my Sql Server DB using a File Input
The problem seems to be that when I select the pdf, the page automatically reloads, and I need to upload it to the DB directly because I have to make a relationship with other tables, how do I proceed?
I'm not ussing WebAssembly, just the Server side for the app

<EditTemplate Context="model">
                    <RadzenFileInput @bind-Value="model.FormatForm" Name="FormatForm" @bind-FileName=@fileName
 @bind-FileSize=@fileSize TValue="byte" Class="w-100" ChooseText="Elegir" Accept="application/pdf" MaxFileSize="Int32.MaxValue"/>


The FileInput component can submit only base64 encoded string while your case seems different - maybe there is an error which reloads the page.

For what you're saying that means that FileInputs does not support pdf to SQL, I'm supposing that the file is to heavy for the web socket so instantly times out, then I think that the way of doing this is with the Upload input, is there a way of binding the upload route on blazor server?
Thanks for the reply.