FileInput Change event code behing generation not working properly


The code behind generation in the event "Change" of FileInput blazor's component is not workin properlly.

When I set a custom action as an execution of the "Change" event:

And the function selected to invoke, is created previously, the code behind generated the following error (sorry my operative system is in spanish and the error is in spanish to):

  Signature.razor(18, 218): [CS1503] Argumento 2: no se puede convertir de 'grupo de métodos' a 'EventCallback'

The line of the file input *.razor (above) and *.designer.cs(below) file:

It seems to be a bug when the code generation, i am right?

Thank you very much.

Hi @zarroc,

Issue confirmed! Please add TValue attribute to the FileInput component:

We will do our best to include fix for this in our upcoming update later today.


Thank you for your fast answer! With this workaround is working fine!

On the other hand, the controls for image style on this control seems to not be working properly also. Is there a way to full hide the image for this control?

Thank you!
Kind regards,
Dr. Pedro Manso

Hi @zarroc,

Not sure what is not working properly, here is how ImageStyle is applied:

You can use CSS to set display:none for the entire rz-fileupload-content.

Perfect, thank you!

Kind regard,
Dr. Pedro Manso.