File Input OnChange Argument 2: cannot convert from 'method group' to 'EventCallback'


Can't understand what I'm doing wrong?

Argument 2: cannot convert from 'method group' to 'EventCallback':

Demo works. But how to implement this through the editor?

Thank you!

Why you need Change event since you have @bind-Value already?

I want to process the file with this event. And further change the data.

I want to do image optimization after loading.

I think the problem is in the event handler. The bind value does not affect this problem.

FileInput will submit data as base64 string - not sure how you will optimize it. When you have @bind-Value Blazor will infer the type automatically while with Value + Change you will need to set TValue as attribute.

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Perhaps not a beautiful way, but convert BASE64 to an image. Further optimize. The returned image should be returned to BASE64.

Thank you! Works! :+1: I did not pay attention to it in the demo.