File/Data upload

Hi Guys,

I need some advice, I would like to upload text-based data from a csv file through Blazor, into a database. The lines will be processed and written into the applicable table in SQL upon upload. The files could be quite large, lets say 50Mb.

I am still learning a lot, and just want to make sure that I start off in the right direction. I have gone through "Upload files in ASP.NET Core" and it seems that streaming the data would be the best approach. Does your Blazor upload function and the iFormFile interface support streaming?


Hi @Riaan_Havenga,

What does streaming mean in this context?

Hi Korchev,

I am refering to the streaming of files as mentioned on the ASP.NET Core reference page on file uploads:

My question boils down to: how good is the Blazor upload component with large files (50Mb+) ?

I am worried that simultaneous uploads by mutiple users could be using too much memory. What I understand under streaming is that the complete file is not dumped in memory with one shot, but streamed thought the system in smaller batches. It could then in theory be processed as it comes in, and stored in the db.


Can't really answer that question. I suggest you just try it and see if it meets your requirements.