Fieldset issues with DataGrid

Having a DataGrid inside of a Fieldset on the normal Dark theme causes it to be cut off: image

For context, there are ~7 options but it will only render the first one.

Try adding the following CSS to the client\src\styles.css file of your application:

.ui-fieldset-content-wrapper {
    overflow: visible !important;

Seems to cause some issues, on this page we have multiple field-sets, most of them collapsed, and that rule seems to render all of them outside of the field-set despite being collapsed.

That's the only solution we can provide as the underlying issue is in the PrimeNG library and the way it implements the page size dropdown.

This issue seems to be apparent only on that theme specifically, is there a way to render the list upwards ?

Also as a side question, on other themes, like Teal, it does seem to overflow but the fieldset allows for a scroll bar to still make the changes. Dark theme seems to not allow that.

The list will ender upwards only if approaches the edge of the browser window.

You can try

.ui-fieldset-content-wrapper {
    overflow: auto !important;

which should enable scrolling.

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