Feature requests - New Components

Hello there,

I have an existing App written in Angular and I would like to recreate it in Blazor.
Currently I am using PrimeNG for my components, but there are some key components that


Currently I am using the PrimeNG Overlay but alas you have no such control, so I am thinking about using a Bootstrap Tooltip with HTML content (a bit of a hack).
I imagine a new Overlay component would work similar to your Dialog - So you would have an OverlayService.Open<T>()

Colour picker

I use their Color Picker a lot, but I would prefer something like the Farbtastic Color Picker in an Overlay

I also notice that you have a Slider in your Roadmap, so I would like to register my interest in that component.

Keep up the good work!


Hi @Luke_O_Brien,

Thanks for your suggestions and feedback - it is now logged. By the way, for future reference, if you want to expedite a feature, new component or you need anything urgently consider purchasing a Radzen Professional subscription .

Thanks a lot, I appriceate it!
Happy Easter!