Feature Requests: ColorPicker add eye dropper

Hello Team,

It would be a great addition to the ColorPicker if you could add an Eyedropper to the UI so the user could use it to select colors from the screen.

Hi @kkluth,

I don't think this is possible as there isn't any JavaScript API that allows getting the color at the cursor position outside of the browser.

@korchev I should have written from a web page. My users within my app while setting up clients navigate to the client's site and then use another Eyedropper to get the color so they can then enter it into the ColorPicker. So all that would be needed is the ability to capture the color within a browser.

Chrome extension example https://eyedropper.org/

You can't get the color of a pixel from a different browser (or browser tab). You can get it only from the current page which doesn't seem to be the scenario that you are describing.