Feature Request: Vertical Timeline

Hello Radzen Team,

Can you add a timeline component to your feature request log,
showing events on a timeline.

similar to:

Kind Regards

Hi @geoxp,

Thanks for the suggestion - I've logged your feature request.

@enchev, @geoxp

meanwhile as work arround?

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Hi enchev,
Do we expect an official component for this any time soon?

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Hi @adhamenaya,

We do not have planned such component anytime soon, we accept pull requests however.

Hello @enchev but you already have a great example just transform it into a component:

The picture above was taken from the following page, your website:

Rapid Application Development for the Web | Radzen

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I think it will be great if you can include it

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Have the plans changed for the timeline component? Any pull requests yet?


@enchev Thank you so much on creating the timeline. It is working perfectly and smoothly for me so far, even though it was created few days ago!!

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Our @yordanov is the hero! :clap: