Feature Request: "run" Option

Hello Radzen team,
i have a feature request…
can you add an Option to the run command for a build without building culture files/translation?

This step takes much time when starting the application and is in 90% not necessary.

Perhaps a drop down box instead of the run button. Last choice remembered.

  1. run
  2. run w/o translation

or something like this.

Kind Regards

Hi Thomas,

Maybe we can add an option to application settings. Something like this:

Best Regards,

Hi Vladimir,
Best solution surely is to merge cultures only if at least one of the message.{culture].xlf files has changed by date.
i think saving the date of the message…,xlf while merging and then compare while next “run” is absolutly sufficent.
then no more option is necessary,
What do you think?

Kind Regards

The culture merging while running the app is time consuming.
Also time consuming is the packing at the end just befor the app starts.
Is there a way to shorten this packaging? I mean… is packaging necessary while running from the designer ?
Perhaps packaging will only be necessary for deploying?
I dont know the “musts” for the underlying structure/architecture…

I do a lot of playing and testing. What if i do that… How works this…
And running the app very often. And every run takes a couple of time.
Only searching for a way to shorten the build process… :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

HI Thomas,

You are right! Optimizing the build time will be much better than yet another option. This however is a bit tricky since we rely completely on Angular tooling (webpack, Angular CLI, xliffmerge, etc.), still we will check if there is anything we can do.

Best Regards,

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