Feature request: pause recompilation

I often find myself in the situation that I want to change 2 or more controls in the application before I look at them in the browser.

While changing the first control, Radzen already starts to recompile, which is the desired behavior, most of the time. But since my application grew pretty big, this takes much time, it also happens from time to time that - while recompiling - I do not get to see the latest version of my compiled code, because I already recompiled 3 times before the application could even load properly for the first time.

I would like to have the possibility to pause auto-compilation without shutting the server down.

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Hi @Moo,

I don't think that .NET CLI can do that - we are using it to to run the project.

In Visual Studio I would just not save the file until I did all changes.
As far as I understand Radzen saves everytime I close an edit-window.
When the file changes on the harddisk .NET starts to recompile.
Maybe you could handle changes to the file in the ram without saving it instantly to the disk?

Well, not saving pages on close is not something that we have planned still I've logged it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Just as an Info. Such a feature (not saving instantaneous) would especially help with switching tabs in designer. Always when I want to work on a part of my application which is behind a tab, I have to change the selected-property to go there, this triggers compilation all the time, even if I just want to have a look at what will be executed there.