Feature Request - json post processor

It would be great if we had a post-processor phase in code generation.
After the json files are created, we could pipe the json files through a post processor, before the actual UI is built. This would allow a process to perform functions such as removing redundant fields, sorting output and specifying the controls that are used.

The next version of Radzen will not rely on JSON files at all. We will allow the developer to edit the code generation templates.

Hi Korchev,
Thanks for the quick reply.

So, the problems I'm trying to solve are as follows:
I typically have a set of audit fields that don't need to show up on the ui. CreatedBy, CreatedDate, etc. I want to filter these out of the UI code generation without having to point and click.
I want to sort the fields in a pre-determined order so that they layouts are consistent,
I want to determine which fields are text fields and which fields are textarea fields, and for that matter, I want to be able to override the control selection
lastly, it would be cool if I could select the layout, and even inject additional code in the code generation
My last wish is that there would be more hooks made available in code in terms of partial classes to alter they behavior of classes, particularly the startup class and the database classes. And oh, it would be kind of nice if I could alter the arguments used in the dotnet commands,
oh and lastly, if I could optionally generate a constructor for each class

This is a great product, please keep up the good work.