Feature Request - Interactive Org Structure

hi guys,

i'd like to raise a feature request for consideration.

i would like to include an interactive org structure where i can create a map of an organisation (either a pyramid or a flat structure) and edit the fields and content related to each 'node' as required, i..e add a description, set a boolean, add a date, etc from a modal popup. (i.e. click a node and a modal appears allowing you to edit details)

it would be great to have granular control over things on the node like node color (text and BG) too, default images (on / off)

the solution would require the ability to add / remove nodes in either the vertical or horizontal form.

Pyramid Org Structure

Flat Org Structure (like this but without the Director on top)

If you do look at doing this, another suggestion would be one node can have multiple parents.

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