Feature Request: Column Chart Scroll

Don't think it is possible currently as I don't see any documentation or examples on it, but essentially when the column (bar chart I assume as well) has too many categories it overlays all of the category names and the bars look extremely skinny as well. The only 2 solutions I can think of is, either create more charts only displaying x amount of categories or adding a horizontal scroll feature in the column chart series (vertical scroll for bar series).

Example of categories over lapping (Some of my data would be even larger than this as they might be comparing more than 2 different data sets.):

Thank you.

IMHO if you have that many data points you should probably consider using a different type of chart. i

The issue with using a different type of chart is I believe this one to be the best fit for the requirements. Which are: being able to compare two (or more) datasets while also being able to compare each category at the same time. If I was not comparing two datasets I would (and have already done so) have used a Pie chart for it.
For now I'll just make a multi-selector that allows the user to select which categories to view.

Thank you.