Failed to load resource (image folder)

After deploying my site to IIS, the images I placed in an assets/images folder are not being found.

Error: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found).

I can see that my images folder is in the virtual directory with all the images. However, when I F12 the browser to debug, unlike the css and scripts folder, I do not see it my images folder.

I have another identical site that publishes a similar folder without any issue. Has anyone else seen this or can think of what is causing this behavior?

Thanks in advance...

Hi @mlarose,

I've tried the same on Blazor server-side app and the everything worked normally when the app is deployed:

How's your .csproj output parameters?

An intern once made the mistake of misconfiguring the Debug and Release output folders, thus building the project without the wwwroot, or never updating it again if it existed in first place.

<OutputPath Condition="'$(Configuration)'=='Debug'">..\..\..\Output\Debug\Front\</OutputPath>
<OutputPath Condition="'$(Configuration)'=='Release'">..\..\..\Output\Release\Front\</OutputPath>

The fix for me was to use "././assets/ ..."

Thanks for the responses.