Extending AspNetRoles

I followed the Extend Application User post and it worked beautifully. But I also need to extend AspNetRoles, but couldn't do it the same way.
Precisely I need to implement customizable registry permissions, such as View, Add, Edit and Delete, related to my app modules, such as Person, Group, Company. That will be done using an auxiliary table, referring to the role id and with the permissions as columns.
But I need to add more columns to the AspNetRoles, like AuthorizationLevel and other business-specific to my app. I don't really want to create another role table just to do that.
Thanks in advance!

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Hi @kim,

Extending user is possible since we are using inherited class while with roles Radzen will generate the code with IdentityRole class directly. We will release soon multi tenants support premium feature with exactly extended roles and if you have Radzen subscription you will be use it as example.


Thanks for the quick reply.
I have an ongoing project at the moment, so therefore could you give me an estimated release date of this feature?
I do use Radzen Professional, but the license is linked to my supervisor's account.
This will literally change most of the development planning over here.

The feature will be released next week.

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I also own a Radzen Professional license.

I totally understand you cannot promise exactly what date this will be released... But, could you please give us more details about what functionality to expect so we don't reinvent the wheel?

@SteelPhantomDude @kim you can send us more info about your licenses at info@radzen.com to register your forum accounts as professional users. Next week we will release three important features:

  • Windows Authentication
  • Material Dark theme
  • Multi-tenancy for Blazor applications

To implement multi-tenants support we needed to extend IdentityRole and I suggested @kim to check it and use similar approach in his case.


The release was just published.

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