Export to Excel - want to export only the columns that show on grid

am having a data grid, and service method for export to excel, if i click that i will export all columns, but i want to export the columns that show in grid.

Not possible at the moment for Blazor however I've logged your request and we will do our best to add it soon.


ok thanks, currently i have passed specific column as comma separated as query string with the existing parameters, and then pass those select columns to ToExcel method, on that i have set the select, it will be working for me, anyway thanks for the reply.

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Built-in support for $select in Export Controller would be swell!


Looks like $select is now built-in. Thanks @enchev & @korchev

Actually it is not ready yet for Blazor, just for Angular.


-- Angular --
I set up the export with the parameter of select but the problem and when a null field the export and not supported even if the data recover