Export to Excel problem

Hi guys,

Using Radzen to create an app with .net core 3.1 and Angular, Export to Excel feature produce an unusable Excel file in all cases. Trying to open it message say incorrect format or incorrect extension. Tried with a very simple dataset with no null values:


Can you check this?


Curious, does it work without latin characters in the column headings and data?

Hi Josh,

Yes, if fails with a simple dataset without specials characters:

[{"id":1,"rolejecutor":"Gerente Turno Residente"}]


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Hi @Carlos_Carminati,

Can you check if the content of the file is not CSV by any chance? Open the file in Notepad.

Issue confirmed! For some reason the csv formatter takes place instead xlsx. Please set Startup.cs in your application ignore list:

and modify Startup.cs ConfigureServices as follows:

We will do our best to release fix before the end of the day tomorrow!