Export on Custom Column Filter

Hi, I have a datagrid with Custom Column Filter using this example: https://blazor.radzen.com/datagrid-filter-template
The issue is that when I Export the the data, the filter does not apply, it exported all rows. How do I apply filter on the export? Thanks.

The filtering in this demo is applied only on DropDown value change in the custom filtering template. If you want this filter to be taken into account when exporting you should pass it to export method.

Hi, Yes, I am able to pass custom ".Where(e =>" clause on to the export method, but what is the proper way to combine both grid filter and custom filter? I notice the built in grid is using this "grid0.Query.Filter" on the export method. Just having hard time combine both columns filter. Please let me know if there any trick to this. Thanks.

This is a string representation of the DataGrid filter - you need to append your additional filter.

Thanks. I combined both grid filter and custom filter template string value using syntax below and it seems to be working. Just need add If..Else logic to keep track if there any dropdown value selected or not.
string filtered = {Custom Column Filter Template Dropdown Value}
grid0.Query.Filter = grid0.Query.Filter + " && " + $"Customer.Contains("{filtered}")";
await db.ExportCustomerToExcel(new Query() { Filter =$ @"{grid0.Query.Filter}" ...);