Export Excel

Hi all ,
Urgently I want to export data of gridview to Excel file ..
I see radzen component but not useful because the source code of component not work because

This line of code in component:

public void Export(string type)
    service.Export("OrderDetails", type, new Query() { OrderBy = grid.Query.OrderBy, Filter = grid.Query.Filter });

Please help

Hi @Ahmed,

I don't understand what the problem is.

I want To know behind code of function (export ) in service

It is here.

What it does is to navigate to the ExportController which generates the Excel file.

OK, I will Try it

what is northwind refer to

Check the ExportNorthwindController.cs as well.

OK, I will Try it
Thanks Alot @korchev ....

@korchev hi
if gridview contain custom columns , Is Exporting Excel Handle this Case ?
if it not do you have any idea ?
thanks a lot for your Effort ....

No. Exporting generates items for every property of the result query. Check the source implementation.

You can customize the Excel generation as you need it. Again check the source and tweak it as needed.

Thanks A lot @korchev :grin: