Export data to excel

Hi, I already searched from the forum but sitll cannot get the exact answer.
I am using Visual Studio 2019 to build Blazor server app with Radzen.

I want to know how to export data to excel.
The following link shows that it uses NorthwindBlazor, but I cannot find this NuGet package.

Anyone can help?

NorthwindBlazor is a namespace defined in the sample application - it contains the models from the Northwind database. We will update the app so it uses the same namespace to avoid such confusion.

Hi, may I know how to export lists or tables to excel? Does Radzen have library to export data to Excel files?

It is all in the demo source code. Check it.

public void Export(string type)
service.Export("OrderDetails", type, new Query() { OrderBy = grid.Query.OrderBy, Filter = grid.Query.Filter });

But i want code in Services

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