Export Controller Filter Error

I had to add this code to the Export Controller to resolve the initial filter error:

            var filter = query.ContainsKey("$filter") ? query["$filter"].ToString() : null;
            if (filter.Trim() != "i =>")
                items = items.Where(filter);

It looked like this was resolved a while back.

I'm using ${datagrid0.Query.Filter} and ${datagrid0.Query.OrderBy} in the Export Button Click event.

While this is working, I would like to know if this is a bug or if I need to apply my filter differently. note: I added the ExportController.cs to the ignore list.

Basically the $filter is never null, it always contains the invalid " i => " or a valid filter.

I experienced the same problem. I think that this is a feature we need to code around until a fix comes along. In my case I am adding another predicate but of course the empty filter causes an issue.