Expand a Grid's row programmatically?

How can I expand a Grid's row programmatically?
Ideally I want to expand it when you click on the row (so RowSelect event).

I tried calling:


but it will just run the rowExpand event of the grid, and not actually expand the row!

Expanding rows programmatically is not supported.

@enchev ok thank you, and by any chance, is changing Steps in the StepComponent possible programmatically? That would also work for my case

Yes, it’s possible. You can set selectedIndex to desired.

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@enchev ok great, one last thing, can I also disable/enable a specific Step programmatically? As I see that each "item" has a Disabled flag.

The idea is to block the user from going forward, until he selects something from an ItemList inside a step, so only once an item is selected he can go forward