Excel Export


IS it possible to export a datagrid to excel/csv without having it in a database. I just have a "list" Iqueryable?


Hi @Thomas_Schmidt_Grau,

Yes, it is possible - check the export controller in your application server folder for more info.

Will have a closer look again. I gen get the export to work by doing some “dirty” code to parse the data from the razor page to the export controller. Basically regenerating it in the service calling that function from the export controller.

I was reading this: Does Radzen Community support export function for excel & csv? and it says only a data source.

Do you have a simple example exporting the DataGrid to excel/csv? (The list is generated trough a method in the service - no sql)

We don't have such an example. You can still check the generated code and copy it in your project.