Excel Export Not Working on Prod

So I have a strange issue and I'm not sure where to begin.

All the reports allow the user to export to excel by clicking a button. In the development environment it works flawlessly. However when I publish the application to an Azure application, it doesn't work. The report shows in the datagrid, but when I click the export button, it says "Page Not Found" and goes to a link similar to this below. Is there something special I need to setup on Azure to have the application recognize the paths to function properly?


I think the URL is wrong - shouldn't Azure web sites be in the form xxxx.azurewebsites.net instead of just azurewebsites.net?

Hi @korchev the url is correct, I just removed the identifying details from it. I was just trying to show that the clicking the button sends the page to the export url but fails to function

You can check your application logs for any exceptions. Also check what the server response is (HTTP status code) in your developer tools.

Hi, I have the same issue. The export work on my development, but when published in a production environment. When click on the export button, Got "Page Not Found". I checked the status code and its "200". I don't know where to find the application log in production?