EventConsole component in HtmlEditor demo?

In your online HtmlEditor demo project there is a component called EventConsole

In the source code it is declared as:
<EventConsole @ref=@console />

Where can I find this component?

Everything is in the source code:

The event console is here: radzen-blazor/EventConsole.razor at master · radzenhq/radzen-blazor · GitHub

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@korchev is there a way to make it asynchronous? So i can click a button and get console logs in real time?

Hi - the links you provided - now give 404 errors. It would be nice to be able to just grab the code from the demos and run it without making changes.

@Eric_Stern, welcome to the Radzen community BTW!

Yes, we open sourced the components a while ago and moved them to a new location. It is linked in the online demos. I updated my post accordingly.

we are also having problem finding the EventConsole that is in the sample code... could you explain how to include it in our project?

Hi, where are the links of JS and eventConsole code in online demos please? I can´t find them.

Thank you

The full code is linked in the previous response.

Yes, I saw it, but the JS link is Inaccessible, with error 404 not found.

External JS is no longer needed.

Ok, suddenly now It works. Thank´s for all.