Event handling with dialog

So I have a OpenAsync dialog that is opened over the top of my existing page. I have events that are being generated by a websocket in a inject service in the underlying page. What is the best model to get a visual component updated in the dialog? The dialog is databound to a singleton, so the data is changing, but the dialog is not updated. I am doing a StateHasChanged in the underlying page, but I suspect I need to do this in the dialog, but how?

Can I get a handle to the dialog in the underlying window somehow? I just need to run StateHasChanged against the dialog from the underlying page, but I have no access on that page to the dialog since it's being run async. I could set up some custom events/event handling, but I think that's overkill? Suggestions? Thanks!

The DialogService has a Refresh method which could help in your case.

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DialogService.Refresh(); and InvokeAsync(() => {  DialogService.Refresh() }); 

but neither worked. I have a cancel button that aborts the process and closes the dialog, and when I click it I see the progressbar go from zero to where it should be for a second before the dialog closes so I know the binding is working. But I cannot get the progressbar to update using Refresh? I guess I could move my websocket events into the dialog, but I thought I might reuse this dialog for several different processes if I can get the progressbar to update off changes in it's binding.

Perhaps I am not using DialogService.Refresh correctly?

I don't really know what you are doing. The Refresh method triggers the Refresh event of the DialogService. The dialog listens to it and calls StateHasChanged().

No, it doesn't seem to do anything?

So....I hooked this event handler into the dialog like so:

public partial class ProgressComponent : IDisposable
        protected DialogService ds { get; set; }

       protected override void OnInitialized()
          ds.OnRefresh += OnRefresh;
       private void OnRefresh()
       ....................more code.....

and in the parent component I do:

InvokeAsync(() => { DialogService.Refresh(); });

and it works great! But if I just call Refresh without hooking the OnRefresh, the dialog does nothing...no updates at all? Is hooking the event intended, or is there indeed supposed to be a StateHasChanged in the default handler? If there is, it isn't working. Do you have a simple example of using DialogService.Refresh....perhaps with a timer that shows a progressbar updating?


I have linked the actual source code in my previous reply. You can check the default implementation.

So I looked at the source you linked, and it sure looks like calling DialogServer.Refresh should work. So, I've put together a very simple example project that shows that it doesn't. I emailed it to info@radzen.com.

Can you explain why I don't get the same result when clicking either button? Thanks!

Thank you for the example. Indeed the current implementation didn't handle this case - according to Blazor nothing changed in the Dialog component so it didn't update it. We will add some code to handle this case.

Ok, sounds good! Thank you for taking a look at this...I appreciate how quickly you guys fix stuff!