Event Callbacks for Sort and Page Events from DataGrid

I'm looking for a way to catch an event from the RadzenDataGrid when SortOrder is set. I can't setup a bind for each column because the columns are dynamically generated. My idea is that the internal void OnSort method in RadzenDataGrid could be updated to include an event much like DataGridColumnReorderedEventArgs or DataGridColumnResizedEventArgs. I see a rough outline of a precendent for this event with the ColumnReordered and ColumnResized event callbacks and would be happy to draft a PR for this change.

Additionally I would like a similiar public event callback for Page events.

Is there a different preferred method for handling these events? If not, should I draft a PR for this change?

You can use LoadData to get info about sorting, paging, filtering etc. check our demos for reference.
UPDATE: Actually we've decided to add such events: DataGrid Sort, Filter and Page events added · radzenhq/radzen-blazor@048de25 · GitHub

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What about adding events DataGrid Column Picking and Frozen?

Thanks in advance

You can easily check which column is visible or frozen using the approach from this thread: